Killings in The Northern Nigeria
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Killings in The Northern Nigeria – The spate of killing and insecurity in the North is becoming unbearable and pathetic, to the extent that it can be likened to man’s Inhumanity to Fellow Man.

According to International Crisis Group, more than eight thousand persons have been killed in the last decade in the northern states of Zamfara, Kastina, Sokoto, Kebbi Niger etc.

In Kastina for instance, President Buhari’s home, the spate of killing caused by Bandits is becoming a norm.  More than hundred people were killed in an attack within the range of April and June, which caused series of protest in the North and a call for the resignation of President Buhari.

Moreover, some Northern elites have raised their voices to these incessant killings in the North, for instance the Sultan of Sokoto, in the person of Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar at the fourth quarterly meeting of Nigeria Inter-Religious Council, opined that: The North if the Worst Place to Live.

Also, many people have opined that the incessant killing in the North is rooted in the age-long feud between farmers and Fulani herders that are mostly nomads. Also most of these Fulani herders seeing that herding is quite lucrative have resorted to kidnaping, which has also kept the spate of killing unabated.

Recently, the last straw that broke the Carmel’s back was the beheading of forty-three rice farmers by suspected members of Boko Haram, at Zarbamari, Borno State.

Flowing from the above, there have been cascades of calls for the sack of the service chiefs on the premise that they have lost touch with the security situation in Nigeria and which such calls is not really out of contest.

Nevertheless, the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the person of President Muhammad Buhari has remained mum in all these carnages and the vital question may be the reason behind the silence.

Firstly, there is an unconfirmed allegation, that the president of Federal republic of Nigeria is long dead and that the person at the seat of Power of Nigeria is not our duly elected president but a cloned man from Sudan in the person of ‘ Jubril’. However, the silence of the president over the killings, even in his own state that have been overtaken by bandits may cause close observer to believe the story that looks like a fairy-tale. Because it is not logical that as commander in chief of the Armed –Forces to keep mum even in the face of butchering of your kinsmen.

Furthermore, the over-politicization of the issue may make the President not to understand the gravity of the human carnage in the North. Maybe the issue is presented to the president in a subtle way rather than how it is.

Finally, the aides of the President or maybe people around him are not telling him the truth. Some of these people will try to hide the truth of this evil carnage or present same in such a way that it is something they can handle, while they sit and watch human lives wasted. The best for the North is to militarize the North!


Killings in The Northern Nigeria

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